Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Addendum to 7 months old

Hi all,

I am back to add to what we said about 7 months. So why am I back. Its to add to what I said earlier about me. Let's go in opposite direction. So, toys first. I love to type on the computer now. That is my new hobby. Here is what I would like to type today...

kkk 0 OLO

Can you decode my language?. I love to play with papers too. I twist and turn them all over the place and like the noise that makes. I also try to eat the paper occasionally.
I drink water and sometimes milk with sippy cup. I also play with my milk bottle and drink milk by myself with bottle.
Now, to sleep part. I go to sleep when mommy dance with holding me in hands. Now, I am also learning to sleep by myself in lap. When I wake up, my first task is to give smile and roll over in the bed.
I like to go out. When I see somebody going out of house, (specially pappa in the morning), I want to go with him. I try to convey my message by saying eeee and showing my hands towards door and looking at the door. I also differentiate between known people and unknown people. I refuse to go with unknown face, even though that person gives me any interesting toy or tries to make me happy.
More notes later. Time to take splish, splash bath.
Will catch you soon.

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