Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am 7 months old

Hi Everyone,

I am 7 months old now and I can do a ton of things. In addition to my super smile which I give out all day from early in the morning when I wake up all the way to at night before I fall asleep (and sometime even when I am asleep and anyone calls my name :)), I am also dragging myself. I frequently get upto my knees and elbows and rock myself. Sometimes I even get on to my palms so I can be higher. I still haven't figured out how to crawl, but I can drag myself anywhere really fast. My mom says I should be crawling in a week or so.

I can also talk a lot. I coo, yell, scream, sing, and even say 'ma', 'ba', 'da', and 'pa' occasionally. My gums are itching a lot, so I try to pick up everything and bite on it to make myself feel better. The itchiness is never ending, someone give me version 2 of the teeth. Version 1 is way to annoying to the users.

Before we go on to my favorite topic of food and toys, let me first also tell you some news. I have moved to the bay area along with my family and we are looking for houses. Soon, we should have a home and I will be able to run around all over the place. For now I am playing with mommy, ba, dada, kaki, ane Anaybhai during the days and spending time with kaka and my dad in evenings. I even took a bath once with my dada. I had a blast and so did he :). I love bathing. I splish splash water and I also laugh a lot when I take a bath.

Ok onto food. I am eating everything. I eat three meals in a deal on of rice, one veggie, and one fruit. I have tried carrots, green beans, sweet potato, dudhi, and peas in veggies. In fruits I have tried apple, banana, and pears. When everyone in my family sits down to eat, I am also eating cherrios cereal. I always ask for my share by going 'aghaghagh' until I get something. I have had a lot of yogurt, some ice cream, some cake, some rice, khichadi, even dal bhaat and bhel yummy. My dad is the one who spoils me with all the food and he gets yelled at for that all the time. Mommy gives me some stuff too, but when she feels like she wants to try something new she encourages my dad to give me food.

Aha now we are onto toys. I love all high tech toys. Tv remotes and cell phones have a special place in my heart (read mouth :)). Wires are so fun that I reach out to them from where ever I am. I used to play piano fairly regularly as well. Corners and polls are also interesting to me. So is anything new including diapers (wet or dry I don't discriminate). In our apartment I run from one end of the leaving room to another all day. Ba and mommy have to run after me all the time. Oops, I am up and ready to face new day, daddy better stop typing and come over. Ok folks bye for now misa need attention, so bye for now. See you in very near future...Oh and no pics yet as we try to get all over stuff moved, but will have some soon.

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