Friday, December 26, 2008

My first Christmas

Hi Everyone,

I am back quickly to tell u all about my first christmas. It was a lot of fun. I have received plenty of gifts from friends and family alike and I thank them all. Me and Anay both got up early and opened up our presents quickly. We got several presents and pictures from the opening ceremony are still in the camera, but they will make there way here soon.

I spent rest of the day doing my usual stuff, sleeping, eating, playing with my toys, rolling, scooting, and the other stuff :). In the evening, my mommy's friend Aarthi and her husband Sriram came by to visit us. We all had food and I had fun smiling and shying with them.

Anyway, that is a short summary of my first christmas. Wish you all a merry christmas, happy new year, and a very happy and healthy holidays.


December pictures part 2

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Viral Sachde said...

Hi Anshbhai, Merry Christmas. You look quite big and cute too.