Sunday, December 21, 2008

My sweet 6th Month

Hello Everyone,

After a long time.. hmm... I know, I have been very busy playing these days, so didn't get a chance to update my post. Anyway.. story about my 6th month. This month was full of fun, lot of stuff to learn and enjoy, eat different different food. Yummy Yummy. I eat banana, pears, carrots, formula, rice cereal, apple, little bit of chocolate and ice cream and even some spinach. I also love nibbling on the cookies.

I have also been playing a lot with my brother Anay. Its been a lot of fun. He is still small, but we look at each other and I like to pull out his gloves and socks :). I also wake him up so we can play :).

Now, I can rotate whole circle on my tummy. My main toys are my hands and legs. I put my leg toe into my mouth, You know I am so much flexible. I can hold even a small thing now. I keep talking all day. Mainly, AA, UUU etc. My best play time is taking a bath. I splash water and play with my water toys. Dad sings a song for me splish, splah, I was taking a bath. I have been eating different things.

I have also been traveling. I made two trips with my parents out to Mountain View/ Sunnyvale/Redwood City area. You see we are looking to move there, so I am helping scout out rental and buying properties. I have visited at least 20 properties and have stayed in three different hotels. Oh and had long stays in car seat.

I started scooting on my stomach in addition to circling. I have been scooting backwards for about a week, but I started scooting forward yesterday. Finally out to pictures. Here is part 1 of the pictures.

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