Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lot more pictures

Hi Everyone,

My dad finally got around to posting more pictures. Let's start with mummy b'day 2009. We celebrated it with carrot cake and you can see me getting some cake. There is more pictures from her bday, but they are on different camera and my dad is too lazy for now :(.

Next, are pictures from my showing at Navratri and trip to kids castle. Kids castle is like Chuckee Cheese, but they also have indianized pizza, so it works out pretty well for everyone. We have been there couple times now and I really like the rides there. I also like crawling into the tubes that they have there.

There are also more pictures of me from couple days after my haircut and from my 14th month bday celebration. I would have to say I look much better with my old or new hair compared to back then. As you can see in the early pictures now I do some pretty cool artwork. Also, my hair are growing at rapid rate and I am back to looking handsome in the later pictures.

There are also pictures from my music class. I like the music class so much and the last class when we all dressed up was awesome. I was dressed up as squirrel man and that was pretty cool. We had couple pumpkins, a spongebob, a prisoner, a dragon, an alligator, and a snow white. We even sang some halloween songs. My dad will get around to posting the videos from the class on my youtube channel soon.

Well nap time for me, see you again soon..

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