Saturday, April 25, 2009

The joys of standing up

Hello everyone,

Its been a long wait for this post. I have been wanting to post this forever!! I have done so many things in the last month. I am going to have to divide this up in sections to make sure that I don't miss anything.

Friends and Family
I have had a lot of visitors in last month. Stutididi visited me during this month with Diptiauntie and Hemantuncle. We had a blast as you will see in the pictures for this month. We played a lot at home. Stutitdidi had to divide up her time between me and Anay, so we both decided to be awake one person at a time :). We also went to the Tech museum in San Jose. We also went to the Great Mall with her, but I don't remember much of that because it was kind of late at night and I was asleep.

Last week eight of us went to the Shoreline park. It is so beautiful out there. Very peaceful and the ducks walking around, people going into the lake with their little rented sailboats. It was nice!! But, don't take my word for it also take a look at pictures. We saw a mommy and daddy duck take their four ducklings around, it was great.

I have also gone out to eat at several Indian restaurants and Sweet Tomatoes. I like eating everywhere!! Especially the sweet stuff, but more on food in the food section.

What am I doing this month

I am crawling at super speed. No one in the house can keep up with me. I make my mommy, ba, daddy everyone run behind me. Crawling is so much fun, I can quickly go from one room to another and just find new things to do.

I do a few different things standing up. I can hold onto any furniture in the house to stand up. Then I pick up some toy with one hand while holding on the furniture with the other hand. I drop the toy bend over and pick it up again while I am still standing. I keep doing this all the time now. I also cruise a lot with support of the furniture. Sometime I even let go the furniture or barely hold it for a few seconds. My mommy and ba even managed to get a video of me standing without any support while I was taking a bath.

Guess what else I am doing? I am talking. I can say "mamamamam", which my dad interprets as me wanting food and my mommy interprets at "ma ma ma". I think I do little bit of both. I can also say ba, I sometimes say mommy mommy or daddy daddy. I also say pa pa pa pa. Boy talking is so much fun. Although I still yell a lot, I like talking. When I am done eating I often say "all done".

Finally my favorite family time is dancing time. I pretty much like any music, but let's see, so far we have danced to whatever plays on B4UMusic, going on a bear hunt and bean bag dance from the cd that ba has for me, and bunch of other songs including ymca, macarena, chicken dance, and my latest favorite the space jam movie songs. By the way for any of you wondering what these songs are, I refer you to my favorite site YouTube.

New toys for me this month
Stutididi brought me and Anay two toys. A 'shape sorter' and a 'in place baseball hitting' toy. I love them both. I take shapes out of the the shape sorter and put them back in. Admittedly taking them out is lot more fun. I practiced the baseball hitting with my daddy and mommy. Sometimes even when I am strolling through the sunroom I grab the baseball bat :).

Aha last but not least we are onto my favorite topic, food. I love all types of food (and some items that are not food :)), but we have discovered that eating shredded carrots is probably not a good idea since I don't yet chew them very well. I have been eating everything from my dad's plate, but my favorite part is eating toast with either soup or milk in the morning with my dad. Often I just sit in his lap instead of my high chair. I also like to eat bread for my breakfast.

In the afternoon mommy or ba feed me some veggies or fruit. I like banana, but I am kind of tired of carrots and beans. I can not have the veggies and fruits just boiled, they don't have to mush them in a mixer. I like roti a lot too. I can eat it all alone.

At night I eat dinner with everyone. My new favorite dinner food is pauha and tomato mix that mommy makes for me. That stuff is so yum yum that I just go through ton of it. After dinner I drink water with the proper glass that my parents drink from.

Finally here are two sets of pictures from this month. Part 1, Part 2.

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