Sunday, April 5, 2009

Videos for 8th and 9th are up

Hi Everyone,

Time to start with a poem......My dad got tired of all english storybooks that we have because they count down from 10 to 1. He wanted me to have something that went from 1 to 10, so he and my mom together made up a poem.

One little finger playing with you,
one more joined in and that made it two,

Two little fingers climbing up a tree,
one more came in and that made it three,

Three little fingers making a huge roar,
one more joined in an that made it four,

Four little fingers running around wild,
one more joined in and that made it five,

Five little finger picking up some sticks,
one more joined in and that made it six,

Six little fingers looking up at heaven,
one more joined in and that made it seven,

Seven little fingers pulling all the weight,
one more joined in and that made it eight,

Eight little fingers went out to dine,
one more sneaked in and that made it nine,

Nine little fingers make up a lan,
one more joined it and that made it ten.


And my parents finally added my cool videos to the 8th month pictures and 9th month pictures. As they added the videos to the same folder, you will need to scroll through the pictures and see the videos as they appear. Have a blast....Oh and since I am a big helper, I helped add the following lines to the blog all by myself :).

kjdytsazpgvcv nb bghhyunb nh k vh mhg cvmn mhm.o fvgkfgvfvbcn m.
g cg ccn mn b b

If any of you can decode this, please let me know. The right winner will receive five huggies from me :). Time to blast off in space as they say in a cartoon!! See you from Naptune.

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