Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy BirthDay to you AnshBhailu - Ansh 4 years old

Hi! Everyone,

Happy Birthday to you, Anshbhailu. Happy Birthday to you. Yes, Ansh turned 4 on June,25th,2012. Ansh has been very mature and very helpful kid. He is a good eater. He likes to eat healthy food. He likes kobi, tindola sabji so much. Ansh can write first and second abcd and numbers. He is also very good with counting and reading letters and numbers.
Ansh likes to read books a lot. He likes to listen to the stories. Before going to  bed, Ansh gives topic to Pappa (e.g. wall and support, fish and A+. etc.. etc...) and asks Pappa to tell stories on that given topic. Everyday he listens 5-6 stories with Pappa, 2-3 stories with Mummy and He also goes to Dada and Ba to listen stories. He asks Dada to read 70 pages every day with him. :) (Yes, sometimes 70, sometimes he asks for more).
Ansh has been very good with Khushi and Anay. Now, Ansh and Anay are in the same class at school, Ansh takes care of Anay a lot. Khushi is also in the same school, but different class, so in the morning all three kids go to school together with Ba and Dada.
As Ansh is  now 4 years old, he is moving to Pre-K class from 07/02/2012. He has very much respect for his pre school teacher - teacher Ramani.
Ansh likes painting, outside play, playing different board games, play dough time.
There are few of his favorite things - blue jeep, hawa pump, spray bottle, batteries,his wrist watch.
Ansh also made a Strawberry song:).
He is very cute, little, handsome and smart boy.

Happy Birthday Dear Bhailu, Happy Birthday to you. 

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