Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 14, 15, & 16: baby shower, last week with ba, and mummy going to work

Hi Everyone,

How r u all doing? Or as I would say in my language "hiya aau aaail". I am talking more and more as days go by and learning to stay standing with support from family members. Lot to report in last three weeks. Maala mummy pappa khara ne e thoda lazy thai gaya etle aa vakhate late late.

Ha to first reply to mama's comments. Hu to khub khub khub dayo chhu ho..(atyaar purato :)). etle haju hu tofan karu na...pan chhe ne he have hu mara toys pakadu chhu ne pachhi kantaalu to pheki dau chhu..or as my dad would say...misa hold my toys now and throws them away when misa get bored...During prayers I now pay attention, put my hands together imitating the elders and sometimes even make an attempt to sing together.

In terms of the news, ba had to go to Atlanta, so she left for there.. :(. I miss her a jaldi jaldi aavi jaav paachha hoke..aam to adibhai ne riyaben ne pan ba joiye, pan mane pan ba joiye to ketalu nanu nanu baku chhu..mane to ba joiye..

We also had a baby shower (pics) for my aunt to welcome bachhu to this world. Soon come you must nanu bachhu, wait misa for you. Baby shower was fun, but it was my first time out and we had a little trouble with my milk bottles in the morning. Now see I need my food, so I was a little cranky, but I did ok apart from and I was fine in the evening. Most of all, I got a ton of presents from all my relatives in Ohio. I love all the cloths I have got and have started wearing them too.

Also, my mommy started to go back to work, so now I miss her during the day too. At least I spend some quality time with her and my dad in the evening. I also spend my day with my dadi who stays home with me and teaches me all the fun stuff.

I also went to Stutididi's place and had some pictures taken there. They were all so nice to me and also gave me a monkey. How did they know that I love monkeys? My three favourite toys are monkeys. Speaking of love, I also looooooove to read books. I guess I have gone on dada, dadi, ba, and pappa, who all love to read. I read all sort of books and my kaka-kaki brought me a huuuuuuuuge book. Its even bigger than me and has cool pictures.

These days I roll over on my own several times a day, talk a lot with my dad when he gets back from work, laugh a lot, oh and I can actually laugh you know smile and also make noise at the same time. I get especially excited when I can say something. Even if that's just 'yaaa' or 'aavu'.

My dad has a new poem for me, but he has to actually finish writing it all up. One of these days he will get his act together and do it.

Soooooooooo late at catch some zzzs...see u all next time...Don't forget all the pics links below.

Payalkaki's baby shower pics.
My pics from last three weeks.
My dada dadi's trip to botanical garden.

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Viral Sachde said...

અશંભાઈ, સરસ .. toys is good start, પાકા તોફાની બનવાનું છે ને (like ur મમ્મી) તો બહું મેહનત કરવી પડશે. અને હા, પહેલી દિવાલી માટે તૈયારી કરે છે કે નહી ?