Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ansh's week 13: the joy of talking

The big news this week is that I can now 'talk'. I am making a lot of sounds now. No clear words yet, but my favorite syllables are 'aau', 'aaiya' or 'haiya', and 'brru'. Talking is so much fun. Right after I talk I smile a lot at my achievement and even laugh with some sounds :). Isn't that exciting?

I also like standing up on my own feet when someone holds me up. It gives little exercise to my legs and makes me feel good. I make lot of noises when I am standing up. With some support, I also love to walk by moving my feet one after the other. I can walk over 5ft (width of our bed) at a time without getting tired already :).

I also like listening to gujarati jodakana from two ba, mummy, or the audio cassette. I also love listening to the rainforest sounds in my gym. I also like watching pictures or birds and flowers in ba-dada's room.

I am drooling a lot more these days. I also like to make lot of bubbles. The book on children says that these could be signs that I am happy with everything or that I am getting ready to teeth.

I have also got another habit now. If I eat with mummy or daddy I do nakhara and don't drink all of my milk because I just want to keep playing all day long :). I keep playing until I am too tired and then I go to sleep.

Finally, being a sports fan, I can't end the post without saying that every night I don't go to sleep without listening to "We will we will rock you" and "take me out to the ballgame" :).

Pictures and videos from this week.

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