Monday, September 1, 2008

I am 2 months old

Hello everyone,

I am growing very fast. Now when I roll over, I can turn back to original position. I push my self by knees and try to go ahead when I am on my tummy, andd..... I succeeded few times in going ahead :). I keep my head lifted for a long time when I am on my tummy. Now a days,I laugh a lot to everyone. When I get up in the morning, I give smile to everyone.

I spent most of the time with my Naniba and Mommy this week as we three were home whole week. I love to listen to Naniba's Bhajans. Mommy tells me lot of stories and she does prayers everyday that I like to listen. In the evening I go for a walk in my stroller with Ba and Dada. I like it so much. I like to go outside in open environment.Kaka, Kaki also play with me. I like to listen to 'Shri Krishna Sharnam ma' from them. I also love to seat on a swing which is in patio. Many duckies and turtles come to us when we seat on a swing as there is a creek right behind patio.

I love to sleep in a froggy position in my dad's hands. I also like to listen to dad singing 'chaki cha na piwai, chaki cha na piwai', ' We will we will rock you, we will we will rock you' and many more random songs. Most of them created by him.

I had been to temple on Janmastami and also last Saturday. There was 'Hindola' and 'Bhajans' at temple. I was in my car seat whole time. Last Saturday my mom, dad and I went to temple together first time with both Ba and Dada.

Happy B'day to me, Happy B'day to me.. Happy B'day Dear Ansh, Happy B'day to me.... Wish me 2 months B'day. I completed 2 months on this 25th August. I got many cloths as a gift from Ba and Dadaji. Naniba also brought many cloths for me from India and Mummy, daddy brought some cloths for me yesterday. So, now my whole ward rob is changed. New born cloths does not feat me anymore.

These days Mummy, Pappa gave me Massage and Bath few times. It was fun for them, but it was a new experience for me.

I am growing very fast and enjoying my days with everyone.

Keep you posted with my new adventures. Gtg to sleep, its my sleeping time, and ya one more thing, I use my new goofy pillow which papa bought for me and a froggy pillow when I sleep.

Here is new pictures link.

Catch you soon.

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