Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full of life

Hello everybody, I am back with my new stories.These days I am playing in my new gym. I also do tummy time in gym and I punch or kick any toy or any part of gym and it starts music. I love to smile and laugh to everyone. These days when I get up from sleep in the morning. I give such a big smile to my mommy and daddy. Its just enough to spend whole day with full of life. Everyone forgets everything when I am around.
This week my mommy had a surgery. So, Mummy and daddy were at hospital for 4 days. They are back now. My mummy's health is OK now. She is getting better. I missed them so much. I know definitely they missed me too. These days I spend most of the time with my two Ba. I make so many noises when I am asleep. I love to listen to music, I love dancing and story time. I like dark colors so much.
My routine is pretty much set. I get up early in the morning. Generally around 5 5.30 in the morning. I drink milk and I go for a walk in stroller with Grandpa. After coming home I do some tummy time and play in my gym or I go to sleep. I get up when it is my breakfast time.I have milk, play with everyone then get Malish and Shower mostly from Ba. Few days Papa, Mummy tried to Malish me and gave me a bath. After taking shower I go to sleep. I have my food after every 3 hours. Food time, Play time and Sleepy time. In the evening I seat on the swing and I go for a walk in stroller. When Papa comes home from work. He spends most of the time with me. Generally, After my late night feeding 11.30 12.00 sometimes later than that I go to sleep and get up directly at early morning. This is my schedule. Mommy is getting better, so I will spend more time with her once she is feeling good.

This week we also celebrated my kaka winning a prize in a data minning contest yoo hoo... See I do have good genes!! You can see his certificate and pics of everyone eating cake without giving me any :( in this weeks pics.

OK, then gtg. Will catch you soon with my new episode :). Have Fun.

Pics from week 12, Hetukaka's prize celebration.

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