Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dada and Ba's Birthday

Hi! Everyone,

I am back with my new story. This week there were two B'days. Dada's Birthday was on 1st Sept and Ba's B'day was on 4th Sept. I was dressed up in new cloths both days and we celebrated B'days with tons of fun. We had been to watch musical fountains near Dada's work. I was in stoller at that time. This week I was with my both Ba,Mummy and somedays with Kaki too. I love to look at colorful books and I also love listening when somebody talks to me.
Today mummy gave me bath first time :). We both enjoyed it. Usually Ba gives me bath. Other than that now I am growing fast so new born baby clothes doesn't fit me anymore.
I laugh a lot to everyone. I love to go out. I enjoy my rollover. I like to look at my stuffed toys.
My features are changing now. I look different than before.
Can you tell me how do I look like? Some people say I look like Mommy and some say I look like daddy. But I think I have my own identity, I don't look like anyone. What do you say?

Pics from this week.

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