Monday, November 3, 2008

My first Diwali, mummy's birthday, and Chaachu is a Ph.D.

Boom... Boom... eeeeeeeeeeeeirrrrr. No that's not me typing. I am just trying to imitate sounds from last two weeks. The large cracks of firecrackers on Diwali (I wish) and the ghostly sounds of halloween. So, wish you all a very happy new year (yes it may not be a new year for u, but for gujjus it is a new year) and belated happy halloween.

My last two weeks have past in a blur. I have had my first interaction with this ugly thing called cold and cough. Misa not happy about that at all. Closed nose and snizzing are not for little kids you know. I have tough time sleeping as I have to breath through my mouth instead of my nosey. Not fun. On the bright side I am getting a little better, so hopefully I will leave that stuff behind soon.

It was mommy's birthday on Diwali day!!!! Happy birthday to mommy..cha cha cha.. Since mommy can't eat regular cake, we made her a cake from bread, potato, and carrots, yummy and healthy too!! You can check out pics of her cutting cake and getting presents in this weeks pictures link at the bottom of this post. Mommy got a poster of me and a t-shirt with me and mommy on it as presents.

My chaachu also defended his thesis on new year's day and did really well. chaachu is dr now!! Way to go chaachu! Chaachu and chaachi will soon bring me my little brother/sister too. So misa will be super happy you know!!

In terms of my progress now I measure the size of the room by rolling across the whole room. My grandma struggles to put enough comforters below me to make sure that I don't roll on to floor. I still love going out in my stroller. I have also grown considerably. Lot of my old cloths don't fit me so I have a bunch of new cloths!! Remind my dad of that advertisement...Yeh hai badhata bachha dekho kaisi kud lagaaye, yeh hai badhata bachha kapada chhota padata jaaye!! I am also talking a lot more these days, but still no words. I am also getting ready to have teeth and am drooling a lot. I love my gym. Even when I am with someone I look at my gym to see if they will just put me in their. I like to listen to the music and play with my friends.

To roll over now I grab my foot with my hands and yell aaaaaaa...then roll!! I keep trying to put my foot in my mouth and I have succeeded a few times too.

Pics from this week.

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