Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New baby brother and other firsts

I have a new baby brother. His name is Anay (checkout his pics). He is really small and cute. I like to look at him and smile at him. He looks at me too. Man it will be so much fun when we both are a little bigger and can run around and do stuff together!!

In addition to typing I have been doing a ton of new stuff. So, here are some details. I am now eating apple sauce freshly made by ba and mummy. I had the apple sauce first time on November 7th. Since then I have the rice cereal with my morning feeding and apple sauce in the evening feeding. Its great. The sugar in the apple sauce gets me very active. I make a lot of noises and move around my arms and legs a lot.

I am also starting to love playing around when I take a bath. Now I splash my hands a lot. When the water gets on my face due to splashing, I get a little shocked, but its soooooooo much fun. I also grab my rubber toys in the water and play with them. In particular the blue hippo tends to get into my hands a lot. I also grab the yellow butterfly often.

I am growing very quickly. We checked my height and I am already past my mom and dad's knees. I bet I am gaining lot more weight too :). Oh well more on me and my brother when I wake up again...

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