Monday, March 14, 2011

Lots to talk about and video playlists

Let's start out with Happy Birthday to Khushi. Her first birthday came on March 4th and we had lot of fun cutting cake and wishing her a very happy birthday. She is growing quickly and loving every minute of play time with Ansh. Ansh also loves to play with Khushi do vahali vahali and have fun with her. Ansh is also growing at very fast rate and learning a lot. He loveeeees to talk. He can speak mile a minute for hours at a time :) or so it seems. He has also learnt to ride a tricycle at school.

Ansh loves to perform using his guitar, but the lights have to be turned off. Ansh also loves Thomas train books and his camera. he continues to love his music class on saturdays. He has also enjoyed several trips on saturdays as weather improves. He loved going out on train, to the parks, to Jungle, mall play area, and having fun in the frontyard and backyard. Ansh has been mommy and daddy's big helper with vessels, laundry, frontyard work, and helping with Khushi.

As you can imagine there are plenty of videos and pictures to share including from Ansh' trip to Atlanta to see mama, mami, Adibhai, and Riyaben, Khushi's birthday, and weekend trips. Take a look below.

Khushi birthday pictures
Jan-Feb 2011 cell pics
Nov Dec 2010 pics
Atl Trip pictures Christmas 2010
Even more pictures from Jan Feb 2011
Videos from Functions at Ansh's school
Videos of Weekend fun activities with family
Videos of Fun play times with Anay and Khushi

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Viral Sachde said...

Nice photo and videos :)

Khushiben ne belated happy birthday.