Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Holi and Google t-shirt

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend I went to Sunnyvale Hindu Temple with Khushi, Dadda, mummy, and pappa. On Friday evening we went to puja for Holi. I was asleep by the time we got to temple at 6pm, but woke up soon after we reached. We ran around in the temple, saw the holi puja and holika dahan. It was outside and it was quite cold, but I had fun. We also ate food there although it was quite hot for me so I only had some shiro.

On Saturday we went to music class, followed by Sweet Tomatoes for food, followed by visit to Temple for Dhuleti. There was loud music in a hall and lots and lots of people. Everyone had color bags and they threw colors at each other. We also got dandia and people were dancing with the music. There were also few playing playing dhols. Initially I was bit scared, but then quickly got in tune and had a blast. I threw colors at everyone and danced. We got some pictures as well.

I have been clamoring for Google t-shirts and my dad wouldn't get me one, so I started wearing his Google t-shirts :). That got his attention so now I have a brand new Google t-shirt and hoddie.

Holi Pictures
Videos from Holi celebration

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