Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monterey Bay trip, Oakland Zoo trip, and Khushi can walk

Hi Everyone,

Last three weeks have been very eventful. First little Khushi can now walk around the whole house and outside with all of us. We are even getting some pictures of her walking with me and Anay. Its gonna be so cool when all three of us run around.

All of us went to Monterey Bay Aquarium couple weeks ago. Anaybhai, Khushiben, and I had lot of fun. We walked around so all the fishes, even got to hold couple of starfishes in our hands. We saw sea horses and sea dragons, jellyifish or various kind, star fishes, and and sea creatures of various kind. We also got to do some drawings and stampings. Our favorite part was a waterfall that falls over glass on top of us making us feel like it fell on us. We had soo much fun there we never wanted to get out :).

Week later we went to Oakland Zoo. We saw lot of animals there and even got to pat goats and sheeps. We saw tigers and girrafes, goats and sheeps, rabbits and turtles, and crocodiles real big. We saw elephants and kangaroos and rode merry-go-round and train. We had a ton of fun. We met with Prashantfua, Mitufoi, and Ritika at the zoo. We had sandwiches and rice krispy treats at the zoo. Coming back from the zoo we went to a taco bell and got some food from there.

Here are some pictures from both trips and all of us having fun.

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