Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to you Ansh and India trip 2011

Hello Everyone,

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to dear Ansh bhailu ... Happy Birthday to you. Yes, Ansh is 3 years old now. He is a big boy. I can say, he is now more of my friend than son. Because he understands a lot and he behaves that way. He is going to the new class in his school as he is a big boy now. He is completely potty train boy. Sweet, little handsome boy :). we love you dear. This year we celebrated his birthday in India with everybody there. We had lot of fun. Anshbhai takes very good care of Khushiben and Khushiben always finds bhailu all the time to play with. They both can't leave without each other.

How are you doing? We had a blast, becauuuuuuuuseeeeee..... we went to India in May, 2011. We stayed there for 6 weeks. We flew from SFO airport on 25th May. We had a whole day holt at Hong Kong. We moved around in the city. we sat in train, bus and we went to Ocean Park. We reached India at night. We met Ushaba, Jayumama, Jigishamami and Haribhai in Ahmedabad. Ansh and Khushi had lot of fun playing with Hari. They all had nice company. We all had jet lag so, we used to wake up pretty early in the morning and we go to the park to play in the early morning around 5.30. We enjoyed eating Mangoes. AAAAAAhhh... its so yuuuummmm. We also had very nice time with Ushaba. We enjoyed first rain of the season. We all got wet in rain. We had ravana jambu too. We had been to swimming pool in Jayumama's colony. We also met Arukaka, Latakaki and Sonalmasi in A'bad. We had been to mall in A'bad.We also went to see Science city. Musical fountains at Science city where very unique and nice. We also met Vijaymasa, Pratibhamasi,Yashmama and Haritmama in A'bad.
Ansh had fun playing with Haribhai because he had not been playing with elder kids, so he was enjoying so much. Khushi was also moving around with them and playing. She used to call 'Hariiiiiiiiiii', ' Harrrrrrrrrrrrrriiii'.

We went to Rajkot afterward. We enjoyed going for 'Kabu mum' and 'Gaay mum mum' with Jasiba. Ansh and Khushi enjoyed eating 'Ganthiya' and 'Khajali' in Rajkot. We met Chanduphai, Shardaphai, Ramabhabhu, Samirmama, Madhubhabhu,Himanshumama,Rinamami,Parthbhai, Bansiben, Sureshkaka,Swatikaki, Rameshakaka, Dakshakaki,Kishorphuwa, Sarojphai, Jatinmama, Kashmiramami, Pratikbhai,Mukundmama, Mamtamami,Ba, Harshadmama, Madhumami,Jaishrimasi,Chikookaka, Jaymama, Malaymama and lot of other relatives. Kids used to play in the street during evening time and Ansh and Khushi join the party. They love to be like Indian kids. We enjoyed a lot. Both kids saw 'Jalesh' were mummy born and brought up, So mom had lot of emotional attachment to that place and kids show the same attachment to Rajkot.

Ansh fall sick in Rajkot for a week. He had throught infection and high fever. But he got better after a week. We went to fun world to have fun.

After our Rajkot trip, where mummy had very strong emotional attachment, we went to Baroda via A'bad. Baroda is the place where Pappa, born and brought up. So, Pappa had very soft corner for that city. We went to Kamatibaag. We met Pareshkaka, Anjukaki, Nidhiben, Darshanbhai, Phaiba, Maheshkaka, Kaki, Vijaykaka, Kaki, Bholabhai, Vijaykaka's kids, Sanjaykaka, Bhavnakaki, Jalabhai and Radhiben, Mahendramama, Mami,Payalkaki's mummy, papa, Shauryabhai, Mintimasi, Keshamasi, Karanmama, sonuben and jijaji. We had fun there.

We went to Hyderabad afterwords as Papa had to work from Hyderabad Google office. So, Ushaba,Mummy, Papa, Ansh, Khushi and Yashmama went to Hyderabad at Pratibhamasi's place. We had blast there. Pratibhamasi and Vijaymasa took care of us very well. we went at Husainsagar lake, we did boating there and we saw big Budhdha statue. We also saw laser and musical fountain show which was amazing. We also went to see 'Ramoji film city'. We did lot of shopping from there.
We also visited Hyderabad Google office.

We returned back to Ahemdabad. Hinumama, Hetalmami and Small little angel came to see us at Ahmedabad. We had very nice time together.
We returned back on June, 4th, 2001. ....................With lot of sweet memories. Our heart was filled with both emotions. Happiness to see everyone and to spend nice time with everybody. and sadness as we were leaving them. Everything became live as I am writing these things. No words to say, but I really really miss everyone there and India.

We are back home, everyone was waiting for us Ba, Dada, Anaybhai, Kaka, Kaki. Motaba came with us to US. Now, Ansh goes to school everyday. Khushi speaks a lot 'Ganthiya aapo', 'Paani Aapo' and all type of stuff. She had new 6 teeth.

See Pictures of pics of Hong Kong halt, Rest of India trip Take Care. Got to go to pick up Ansh from School. Bye

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